“If you’re ready for REAL CHANGE (and not just the I’m saying I’m ready for change but I’m not really ready for change, I think I’ll hang out in the non change for a few more years…) then seriously, stop what you’re doing and call Liz.
She is laser sharp and has an uncanny sense about what is holding you back and how to get through it QUICKLY.
Liz can help you design an empowering roadmap to the life you’ve always said you’ve wanted but having been willing to live up to and own UNTIL NOW.
She will see you without judging, challenge you with love, and completely hold you and hold you accountable to what you say you want.
If you want personal development meets edge, spirituality meets stand up comedy, and if you are ready to FINALLY attain that next bold goal…Call Liz.”
Kylie Slavik, Digital Marketing Expert



“She is an incredibly innovative thinker, a generous colleague and courageous scholar. She is also incredibly funny and wise. In short, she has it all.”
Penny Damaskos

Director, Department of Social Work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


“Dr. Lasky is highly skilled at helping people change. Her talent is uncovering exactly what you need so you can create change for yourself, your business, and your life.”
Dr. Samantha Waxman

Clinical and Health Psychologist

“Liz is smart, funny, to the heart of the matter, and sees the big picture clearly.  She is excellent at working with people who are in a career slump and need some help feeling more engaged, happy, and excited about work (and life)!”
Azurée S. Montoute-Lewis, MBA/SPHR

VP, Talent & Development Manager – Global Talent Management at Citi
“When I need to get results, I want someone with a foundation of knowledge who has the experience to back it up. Liz works at the intersection of book smarts and wisdom, using her approachable coaching style to drive you towards your goals.”
Marc Chiu, Facilitator, Coach, Training Consultant

Coach, Keep the Change Consulting Group