Listen up, Power Women!

This week makes over a full week since I gave a talk for the Lean In group hosted at Oracle.

Seeing so many of you true power house women was truly inspiring. I left our event feeling excited, hopeful, and ready to get down to business. Ya feel me?!

I felt so JAZZED and inspired that when I left it the event I was stopped in my tracks.

Where do I get my energy from? We all pick up energy around us. Some of it is “negative” energy that may bring us down. Some of it is nervous energy that we pick up from others. Some of it is FUN! energy that we catch when we are with fun people. I felt such a powerful energy from the women in the room that it reminded me how important it is for me to surround myself with inspiring and high vibe people. This past week I made a serious effort to be around some very high vibe people who elevate me.

What are you doing to elevate yourself? Sometimes it can be hard work and sometimes the answer is right in front of us.