Falling Into The “EASY”

Falling into the “easy”

When you are aware of falling into the “easy” you are immediately ahead of the game.

When I moved to New York City, I found an apartment on West 91st Street. The Upper West Side was incredible and I loved the neighborhood feel and being able to do everything I needed to do within a one-block radius. It became a joke that I would only go to places within a one-block radius and, if I was feeling risky, I may extend it to two blocks! I had the gym, the dry cleaner, a grocery store, the bank, a bagel shop, and even my dentist. My friends lived in the area. My life was the epitome of ease.

One autumn afternoon, my lease renewal arrived for November 1. I was struck with my annual “Is this apartment still good enough?” I loved my neighborhood but let’s face it, my apartment was not the best. It was a crappy walkup. The layout was awkward. The floors creaked. There were ugly bars over all the windows. At the time, the gas had been turned off for days. And – the walls were paper-thin and I could hear my neighbors do EVERYTHING (including private and personal moments which was uncomfortable for everyone).

The same week I received my lease renewal, a coworker of mine mentioned that her friend was looking for someone to take over her lease in a doorman clad elevator building. When? You guessed it – November 1. I went to see the apartment and I loved it. It was a huge sunny studio with pretty dark wood flooring and it was in a different – dare I say – BETTER – neighborhood.

I couldn’t immediately say yes. I tossed and turned about it. Should I take it? Is it too much of a risk? Will I be making the wrong choice? I’ve been living on 91st street for 8 years and IT’S SO EASY.

I was anxious. I jumped. I leapt. I took a chance. I did it. I moved into a new apartment and gave up the comfortable routine. Why? Because as my favorite quote says: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” (Anais Nin).

I gave up the one block radius. I gave up on the neighborhood feel. I gave up on living close to my friends. I gave up on the ease.

It wasn’t until I moved and pushed my own boundaries – physically and emotionally – did I realize that moving was the exact change that I needed. Giving up on the ease pushed me to live a bigger and better life. It helped me get what I wanted.

Where are you playing it safe? Maybe your relationships are too easy and boring. Maybe your job is too easy and mind numbing. Maybe your relationship with yourself has become just too easy and tedious.

The idea here is NOT to make things difficult. The goal is to make sure that you aren’t watching your life pass you by. When we push ourselves, we grow. When we get out of our comfort zone, we grow. When we stop taking it easy, and take a chance, we grow.

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